The Mirror Lied

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Geslacht: Mannelijk
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Remission: Neutral

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BerichtOnderwerp: The Mirror Lied The Mirror Lied Emptyvr feb 22, 2013 10:39 am

Goed, weer een ander verhaaltje. Ook in het engels.

The Mirror Lied.
“Death cancels everything but truth”

I open my eyes. The first thing I see is a white light. Then my eyes begin to focus. I see trees and a blue sky. I get up and scratch my head. Where am I? I don’t remember anything.. Then I look around. There is a man lying on the ground ten meters of me. Maybe he can help me? I walk up to the person. “Hey Mister.” The person doesn’t respond. Maybe he’s asleep? “Mister?” I shake the person’s body. Holy shit, it feels cold… Then I turn him on his back. Then I see two lifeless eyes staring at me. First I don’t know what to think about it. Then it occurs to me. This person is dead! I take a step back. Shit shit shit! What can I do?! I feel in my pockets. I feel something. I get it out. An IPhone! I see my reflection in it. I have a brown tinted skin, light eyes and black hair. Good, that’s one mystery solved. I press the home button. No screen pops up. I press it again. Still, no screen. Damn, its battery must be dead! I look at the dead body. Maybe he has a cellphone or something in the pocket of his jacket or pants? I feel in his pockets. Nothing. I remember feeling something in my other pocket. I take it out. It’s a wallet. I open it. A picture falls out of it. I pick it up from the ground. I see two persons on it. By the looks of it, it looks like it’s been taken in a backyard or something. The persons are both looking and smiling to the camera. The person on the left is bald, has an Indian looking face and has dark eyes. Wait a minute… I look at the dead person, then to the picture. That’s the same person as on the picture! Then I look at the person on the right. The person looks just the same as him, only this person has dark hair and light eyes. Hold on...that person on the right…is me! Do I know this person?! I look at the person. Well, we look the same, so I assume we’re twin brothers.. Shit…that means I lost my twin brother… Dear god.. I put the picture into the wallet again and open it further. I see an ID. I see a name on it. Bakir Hamoundhi. Nationality: Indian/Britain. Ok… so I’m originally from India.. But then I take a closer look at the picture. The picture is not mine…it’s of the dead person…Shit did I rob my twin brother, and then murdered him? That’s fucked up shit… I walk slowly to the dead person whose name is Bakir. I lay down the wallet, next to Bakir. Then I take a step back. I turn around and begin to run. Hopefully somebody finds him or something and calls the cops. I just want to get out of that place. Maybe there’s a road up ahead. If that’s so, then I can probably hitchhike with some car to the nearest city...and then...I don’t know. Probably go for a coffee. I could really use one right now...but I don’t have any money.. Wait... I slow down. I see somebody lying on the ground. He looks familiar. I walk to the person.’s the same dead person! Exactly in the position he laid when I left him. Even the wallet is still lying next to him. Does that mean I did run in circles? No...I’m sure I ran in a straight line. I turn around and I begin to move. I’m going to walk this time. After a short time, I see the body of Bakir and again with the wallet. Great. I´m in some kind of haunted forest with the body of a person presumably murdered. I look at the sky. The sky is very bright. Almost unnatural. Great, what kind of bullshit have I gotten myself into now? Then, I hear a faint laugh. “So you’re finally realizing it?” I look around. Where’s that voice coming from? “Give up, you can’t see me. But I can see you...” Is this person playing a trick on me?! “Who are you?” I ask. “He was always favored above you..” “Who?!” I shout. People used to call you yin and yang mostly because of your different personalities. You were the rebel. He was the obeying sheep.” The voice seems to be coming from above. I look at the trees for speakers, but I can’t see any. “You hated him...But at the other side you always wanted to be like him. Was it jealousy? Was it fascination? Nobody knew…” “QUIT SPEAKING IN RIDDLES AND TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!” “The only difference between you two were your eyes…” I calm down. Wait…I look at the dead person. Is he referring to him? “One day…there was an accident…he got killed in it.. You were relieved…but also sad…sooo sad….hahahaha…” I’m still looking at the dead person. “You couldn’t live with the pain of losing your brother, so you killed yourself…your last wish was to be just like him..” “Wait a minute… am I dead then?” If I’m really dead .Then why am I still conscious…and why am I seeing my twin brother I lost… “Well, yes and no. You are in what’s called the Forest of Thought.” I’m confused. “Forest of Thought?” “It’s a forest where one can overthink if they want to be reborn or go to heaven or hell, depends on the person. Since you committed suicide, rules for you are different. Instead of reborn, you get the chance to resurrect from the death.” I make a stop sign. “Wowowowowwooow! Hold on… You’re saying that I’m dead but actually, I am not?...That’s really confusing to hear you know.” “Well I guess that it’s a little too much information for your mind all of a sudden, but I’m sure you will understand sometime.” There’s a short silence. A breeze goes through the trees. The sound is calming. Then I hear the voice again. “Have you made your choice?” I’m thinking. “Do I go to heaven or hell?” “I’m not allowed to say that.” So the chances of me having a good afterlife are 50-50...but by the sound of how the voice spoke to me, I can guess. “I made my choice.” “Well? What is it?” “I want to resurrect.” “Ok and why is that?” “I want a second chance.” “You want to become yin?” “No, I’m going to be yin and yang at the same time.” “Ah…you want to be just like him, but also be yourself?” “Yeah, like you said, I’m going to be the obeying sheep and the rebel together.” “Good choice…Ok, step through that door.” I look around. “Behind you.” I look behind me. I see a white door, with a Christian cross on it. “Go through that door. The rest speaks of itself.” The door opens out of itself. “Wait, who are you?” “I’m your gar-”
There’s a bright light. I hear a beeping sound. I hear vague an unknown female voice. “Heartbeat is stable again.” I hear a male voice. “How much?” “Seventy bpm” “Does he breath?” “Barely, but it’s getting stronger” I hear a breathing sound. I feel a facemask. Then I feel I’m lying on something soft. I open my eyes. I see an unknown room with a lot of equipment. “His eyes are opening.” Says the female voice. I look left of me. A male and a female in white suits are standing there. The male is looking at a screen and the female looks at me. Then I have a black-out.
I open my eyes again. I’m lying in a different bed. The same male looks now at me. “Hello, can you hear me?” I want to say yes, but the only thing that comes out of my mouth is a soft moaning. “You are in a hospital. I’m Doctor Wilson. We thought we lost you there for a second. But then suddenly your heartbeat continued.” I want to get up, but the male nods. “You are not in the state to get out of your bed.” “Ugh..o..ok” “You were very lucky mate. One more second and you were dead. We already informed your family. They were very relieved to hear that. But can you remember something?” I nod. “Well, you will get to hear that from your family. But maybe we can help you.” He sticks his hand in his pocket, and gets a small mirror out of it. “Maybe if you see your face, you will remember some things.” I look at the mirror. I see an Indian looking face. I’m bald and have brown eyes.

“People who say Guardian angels aren’t real, haven’t found their selves yet.”

The End

Nu, heb ik een aantal vragen voor jullie, om te kijken of jullie het echt goed hebben gelezen ;D

1. Wie was die stem die tegen de persoon aan het praten was?

2. Was die persoon qua uiterlijk nog steeds dezelfde persoon aan het eind?

3. Wie was die dode persoon?

4. Waarom was die persoon dood?

5. Was de hoofdpersoon nou wel of niet dood?

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The Mirror Lied

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